Management Reporter Shortcut in GP

Published: October 2, 2023

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More recent versions of GP no longer include the option to open Management Reporter from the Reports section of the Financial Module.

Creating an external shortcut in GP that points to Management Reporter (MR) will allow users to launch MR directly from GP.

To create an external shortcut, each user should do the following:

1.) Right-click in the gray/blue navigation pane area of the Home section and choose

Add >> Add External Shortcut... This will open the Add External Shortcut window.

2.) Enter a name for the application or file in the Name field. This is what will appear in the shortcut list.

3.) Choose the Browse button to locate the external application or file to add. The Select an Application window appears

4.) Select a program or file. Choose Open to add its path to the Command Line field in the Add External Shortcut window. When finished, your Add External Shortcut window should appear as shown below. *

5.) Choose “Add” to create a shortcut to the file.

6.) Choose “Done” to close the Add External Shortcut window. You will now see a

shortcut in your Navigation Pane. Clicking on that shortcut will launch the Report

Designer component of Management Reporter.

*The external path for Management Reporter may vary depending on where it was installed. If the default install path is used, the file will typically be found in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics ERP\Management Reporter\2.1\Client\ReportDesigner.exe. Consult with your IT staff of GP system administrator to confirm file location.

GPProTip: External shortcuts can be used for almost any file (Excel, PDF, application executables like Management Reporter, etc.).

GPProTipExtra: You can also create shortcuts to websites (click on Add Web Page… instead in Step #1) to link directly to sites you’re constantly referencing for exchange rates, interest rates, your banking portal, etc.

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