GP Posting Journals: To Print or Not to Print?

Published: October 2, 2023

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Tired of numerous prompts to print posting journals when you post a batch in GP? Or worse-just getting the “Select Printer” pop up window and you have less than no idea what GP is asking you to print? No more!

Navigate to Microsoft Dynamics GP>>Tools>>Setup>>Posting>>Posting to tell GP which posting journals to print, which to skip, etc.

To never have a report print, simply uncheck the box in the “Print” column in the far left next to the specific report you don’t want to print.

To control the report output, check the appropriate boxes in the “Send To” section. Output location icons from the screen defined as below:

  • Question Mark: Ask user for output location (printer, screen, file, etc.)
  • Computer Screen: Print to screen automatically
  • Printer Icon: Send to Printer – select printer window with a list of printers will open
  • File Folder: Send to file – Need to specify the file type in the “File Type” column

You can choose one or more of these as the output location (i.e. print to screen AND file)

GP Pro Tip: If you’re printing posting journals to review, try printing the batch edit list to review and address issues before posting! The edit list can be printed by selecting the “Print” icon on the Batch Entry window.

GP Pro Tip Extra: 99% of posting journals and reports can be reprinted in GP (Year-End Close and Fixed Asset Year-End Close are two biggies that cannot). Consider using the reprint functions available in the “Reports” section of each module rather than saving to PDF, storing in a filing cabinet, etc.

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