GP Data Entry and Navigation Tricks

Published: October 3, 2023

By Lagom Accounting and Software

Did you know there are numerous shortcuts in GP to help you save time? Don’t worry-you’re not alone. Several users I’ve worked with recently weren’t aware either!

It seems like an opportune time to go over some basic shortcuts and tips to help save time.

Date Entry Shortcuts:

  • Enter day only (15) – GP will default to current month and year
  • Enter month and day (05/15) – GP will default the year
  • Date field – + advance one day / – go back one day

Negative Debits:

  • Negative debit amounts will automatically be pushed to the credit column.

Viewing Multicurrency:

If you’re in a Multicurrency environment and want to quickly switch between currency views, a few keyboard shortcuts can prove faster than clicking through View>>Currency>>Functional/Originating.

  • CTRL + U: View Functional Currency
  • CTRL + O: View Originating Currency
  • CTRL + R: View Reporting Currency

Other Common Keyboard Shortcuts:

  • Shift + Tab: Move backward from current field to previous field
  • CTRL + L: Lookup on the current field (i.e. vendor, customer, item, etc.)
  • CTRL + W: Close current window
  • ALT+M: Activates the Microsoft Dynamics GP menu on the main toolbar
  • ALT+R: Activates the Reports menu on the main toolbar
  • ALT+A: Activates the Transactions menu on the main toolbar
  • ALT+L:   Activates the Inquiry menu on the main toolbar
  • ALT+C:   Activates the Cards menu on the main toolbar
  • ALT+H:   Activates the Help menu

Custom Keyboard Shortcuts:

In addition to the standard shortcut keys, you can create custom shortcut keys. By adding a shortcut in the navigation pane on the Home Page, you can add shortcuts to windows, websites, external programs, etc. in the Navigation Pane. That same set up window can assign a keyboard shortcut to make accessing the window even easier!

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