Is Microsoft Dynamics GP Sunsetting? Yes…And No

Over the last several months, we’ve been having conversation after conversation with clients who are confused on what’s happening with Microsoft Dynamics GP, how it impacts them, what their timeline is, etc. And we get it – it can be incredibly hard to sift through all the mailings, posts, emails, and articles to get to […]

GP Data Entry and Navigation Tricks

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Did you know there are numerous shortcuts in GP to help you save time? Don’t worry-you’re not alone. Several users I’ve worked with recently weren’t aware either! It seems like an opportune time to go over some basic shortcuts and tips to help save time. Date Entry Shortcuts: Negative Debits: Viewing Multicurrency: If you’re in […]

GP Crashes When Emailing -Office Update

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If you notice GP is suddenly crashing when you try to email documents or update a customer/vendor email address, check out the Microsoft post below regarding the latest Office Update (released 12/2/2018) causing conflicts. Microsoft Dynamics GP crashes/closes when emailing after Office Update To confirm if you’re Office is on the problematic version, do the […]

Dynamics GP Advanced Lookups

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Advanced Lookups have been in GP for many years, but I’ve seen so many people who don’t know about them! What is an “Advanced Lookup” you might be asking? Well Advanced Lookups let us add additional searching and sorting criteria to the lookup windows in GP we know and love (Customers, Vendors, Accounts, etc.). They […]

Management Reporter Shortcut in GP

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More recent versions of GP no longer include the option to open Management Reporter from the Reports section of the Financial Module. Creating an external shortcut in GP that points to Management Reporter (MR) will allow users to launch MR directly from GP. To create an external shortcut, each user should do the following: 1.) […]