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Published: October 2, 2023

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Advanced Lookups have been in GP for many years, but I’ve seen so many people who don’t know about them!

What is an “Advanced Lookup” you might be asking? Well Advanced Lookups let us add additional searching and sorting criteria to the lookup windows in GP we know and love (Customers, Vendors, Accounts, etc.). They are company specific which can be a good thing or a bad thing if you’re a multi company environment and you want all companies to have the same advanced lookups.

Some lookups include some additional criteria by default and chances are you’ve used them. They are found in the “Additional Sorts” option shown below.

Often times the default additional sorts aren’t enough. There’s the “by Custom Sort” option, but who wants to have to open the extra window, insert the criteria, etc. each time. Not me!

That’s where the Advanced Lookups really come into play.

If you navigate to Microsoft Dynamics GP>>Tools>>Setup>>Company>>Advanced Lookups, you’ll see that the setup is fairly simple.

1.) Select the Lookup you want from the dropdown list.

2.) Select the “Sort By” Option you want to add (up to 4 custom options can be added)

3.) Alter the “Description” field for the custom sorts to something relevant to your team

4.) Save Changes

The next time you interact with that lookup window, your custom fields will be there.

Many of GP’s lookup windows have the option to customize with advanced lookups.

  • GL Accounts
  • Customer Addresses
  • Customers
  • Employees
  • Items
  • Open Documents
  • Open Payables Documents
  • Prospects
  • Purchase Orders
  • Sales Document Numbers
  • Sales Documents
  • Vendor Addresses
  • Vendors
  • Vouchers

GPProTip: Several Lookup windows -like the Customer Lookup shown below- include an option to “Set as Default View”. Once you find that sweet spot with the advanced lookup, use this option to set it as the default option any time you open the customer lookup window! This option is a user specific setting, so you can set your default view without affecting anyone else.

For more information on Advanced Lookups or other ways to improve GP, contact us at Info@LagomLLC.org.

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