Adding a SmartList Favorite to Your Reminders

Published: October 3, 2023

By Lagom Accounting and Software

Have a SmartList Favorite and want to be alerted when a specific situation arises? Linking your reminders to a SmartList Favorite can be a simple time saving tool to do just that!

For this specific example, a client has a Smartlist favorite setup that notifies them when invoices over a certain threshold is due in the next 7 days. They wanted a reminder as soon as any qualifying invoice hits the SmartList, but this works for any data you can build a SmartList on.

Once you’ve got that awesome SmartList all set up, to add a reminder, simply do the following:

From the GP Home Screen:

1.) To add a SmartList to your reminders click the “New Reminder” link in the top right-hand corner of the To-Do window.

2.) Under “Custom Reminders” click “New”

3.) A new window will pop-up, to select the desired SmartList click the Magnifying Glass.

4.) A SmartList Favorites window will open, here you can enter search criteria to find your desired SmarList or scroll through a list of options. Double click on the desired SmartList.

5.) Back on the Custom Reminders window select the option for “Number of Records”, change the drop-down list to select “Greater Than” with the value set to 0 (or whatever threshold should signal the reminder to appear”

The new reminder can be viewed in the Custom Reminders section. Click “Ok”.

When the qualifying information for your reminder is met, GP will automatically notify you, saving you from regularly checking for this information in reports.

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